11046483_10102642312261868_4718857023845423948_nI enjoy giving talks to a general, public audience and have done this numerous times over the last five years for local and national archaeological societies, anthropology clubs, high school Latin clubs, and rotary clubs.

Below are some talk titles that have been well-received:

  • Death Comes to Oplontis
  • Civic Corpses: A Bioarchaeological Analysis of Imperial Gabii (Italy)
  • Bodies and Bones of Imperial Rome
  • Diet and Health in Imperial Rome: The View from Skeletons and Isotopes
  • Invitation to an Ancient Dinner: Fish Sauce, Dormice, Leaded Wine, and Other Roman Refreshments
  • Rome If You Want To: How Skeletons Reveal Immigrants in the Empire

If you’re interested in having me come give a talk to your organization, please feel free to contact me!