I enjoy giving talks to a general, public audience and have done this numerous times over the last five years for local and national archaeological societies, anthropology clubs, high school Latin clubs, university departments, and rotary clubs.

PUBLIC TALK TITLES1800299_10101838560876088_1870694320_n

  • Death Comes to Oplontis: Victims of Vesuvius reveal life in 79 AD
  • Civic Corpses: A Bioarchaeological Analysis of Imperial Gabii (Italy)
  • Bodies and Bones of Imperial Rome
  • Diet and Health in Imperial Rome: The View from Skeletons and Isotopes
  • Invitation to an Ancient Dinner: Fish Sauce, Dormice, Leaded Wine, and Other Roman Refreshments
  • Rome If You Want To: How Skeletons Reveal Immigrants in the Empire


  • Anthropology, Outreach, and the Media: Best Practices for Writing for the General Public
  • Twitter for Scientists

To book me to give one of the above talks or workshops, or to request a new one to meet your organization’s needs, please feel free to contact me!