Are you a researcher who wants to build your public audience, attract press attention for your work, up your social media game, or engage with people beyond your discipline? Not sure what SEO or ROI mean, or if you have enough time to write a blog? You may benefit from a communications strategy detailed to your academic goals.

Why Hire An Academic Communications Strategist?

In the 21st century, it is extremely important for academics to have their own “brand.” Writing in The Chronicle, Kelli Marshall lays out two major reasons to consider branding yourself as an expert in your field: 1) more opportunities come your way with an increased social network; and 2) you extend the reach of your ideas and those of your field by stepping outside the ivory tower.

The growth of Web 2.0 over the past decade has meant the rise and fall of numerous platforms. While Facebook appears to be sticking around, few people remember LiveJournal anymore, and G+ is all but dead. Keeping up with the changing landscape of social media – where massive amounts of public outreach in the sciences and humanities are done – can be difficult and time-consuming. Hiring a strategist with one foot in the academic world and one in science communication will save you time and effort as you work towards your outreach goals.

A communications strategy is not one-size-fits-all. Some researchers may need a press release written; others may want to use Twitter to network in their field; others may benefit from DIY instructions on blogging or tweet-threading. These are the sorts of services that Kristina Killgrove offers based on more than 20 years of experience engaging in online communications and scholarly outreach.

Services and Starting Rates

  • Facebook or Twitter
    • DIY guide for starting a Facebook Page or Twitter account ($40)
    • Individualized help creating and kicking them off ($50/hour)
  • Press Releases
    • DIY guide to writing a press release or other public-facing summary of your research ($40)
    • Individualized press release editing ($50/hour)
    • Creation of an attention-grabbing press release for you ($80/hour)
  • Academic Websites
    • Consultation on faculty website to help you and your work stand out in searches ($50/hour)
    • Creation of content for faculty website, such as a bio statement ($80/hour)
  • Blogs
    • Consultation on your academic blog to help increase your traffic and readership ($50/hour)
  • Editing of Public Writing and Public Talks
    • Editing to make blog posts, press releases, op-eds, outreach statements, books, talks and keynotes, or other public writing as engaging as possible ($50/hour)
  • PopSci Books
    • Creation of book jacket summaries and author bio blurbs ($50/hour)
    • Help structuring and editing a nonfiction book proposal for an academic or popular press ($50/hour)
  • Media/Journalism
    • Consultation on ways to engage with journalists and how to frame your ideas and responses in ways that resonate with an audience ($50/hour)

About Your Academic Communications Strategist

Kristina Killgrove, Assistant Professor of AnthropologyKristina Killgrove has been engaging in online communications since 1995, when she was armed with only a 486 PC and a 2400 baud modem, dialing into IRC and BBSes. Always an early adopter of technology, Kristina started blogging in 2003, honing her public voice in her career as an archaeologist. Since 2013, Kristina has been fully engaged in social media platforms and has also written for the public at Forbes, Mental Floss, Science Uncovered, and Ranker. She has given numerous academic talks and workshops on scholarly communication and outreach and written papers on communicating anthropology to a general audience.

Kristina obtained her PhD in anthropology in 2010 and was a professor until 2018, when she left to work on her scicomm and public writing full-time. She has edited books and research articles for academics in dozens of fields since 2001, and she has helped academics navigate Twitter, start blogs, and talk to the media since 2011.

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