Within my graduate training as a scientist, there was little room for mastering outreach. In the absence of that training, I practiced science communication on my own, authoring the blog Powered by Osteons since 2003 and becoming a go-to expert for science journalists. This turn into public intellectualism then led to more opportunities for me to translate high level anthropological and archaeological research for a general audience.

Currently, I am a freelance contributor to Live Science. From 2015 – 2020, I was a senior contributor at Forbes in the areas of anthropology, archaeology, and the classical Greek and Roman world, and from 2016 – 2018, I was a contributor at Mental Floss, with a focus on skeletons and the classical world. Prior to that, I wrote for the British pop-sci magazine Science Uncovered.



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Award for Excellence in Public Education, Society for American Archaeology (2017)

New Directions Award for Public Anthropology, American Anthropological Association (2016)

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